Highlights of the September Leader’s Council Meeting

Hi, all,

Here are some highlights from the 9/29/15 meeting.  All are welcome to attend the meetings, held on the last (not the fourth) Tuesday of the month at 7:15 pm at the Farm Bureau in Livermore. It’s a great way to learn what is happening at all levels of 4-H and network with other leaders.

  • Rising Stars – The time capsule burial ceremony was held on 9/20/15 at the Fairgrounds.  The event went very well.   Tom Fraser and the mayor of Pleasanton gave nice speeches, and everyone had fun helping to bury it. — Thank you to the Alvarado family for coming out to represent East Hills!
    The 5K Fun Run at Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton has been rescheduled to 10/31/15.  They are looking for volunteers to help with the event as well as clubs/projects to set up outreach booths.  Runners may sign up at https://ucanr.edu/survey/survey.cfm?surveynumber=15786.  Clubs may sign up for booths at https://ucanr.edu/survey/survey.cfm?surveynumber=15787.  Participants may come in costume. {flyer attached}
    The Rising Stars are looking for new members for the project, tentatively scheduled for the third Thursday at 6:00 pm, location varies between Castro Valley and Pleasanton. {flyer attached}
  • All Stars –  They are working on Achievement Night, which will be held on 10/16/15.
    They are also working on a LON (Leadership Overnight) event, which will be a mini-leadership conference with speakers and leadership and team building.  They are looking into having it at camp in the later winter/early spring.
  • Citizenship Weekend –  Olivia Sherman and Alexandra Hascall reported on the event, which included community service, a mock trial, field trips to the Marine Mammal Center and a Nike Missile Site, and a sunset walk to the beach.
  • County Office Update
    The County Office has a new website address at http://4halameda.ucanr.edu.
    Clubs need to submit an inventory list of those items which are important to the club.
    Year pins with specific years are being phased out. Members will receive a general pin.
    All 4-H meetings and events must be submitted via the online survey at http://ucanr.edu/4hmeeting or http://ucanr.edu/4hevent.
    Volunteers can register online for the beginning volunteer training at http://ucanr.edu/4htraining.  The training on 11/14/15 has been cancelled.  There will be other trainings on 10/3/15, 10/10/15, and 10/25/15.
    Outreach activities can be submitted at http://ucanr.edu/outreach. Articles and pictures can also be uploaded.
    First year members must stay within their county of residence.  Those submitting out of county forms will be directed back to their own county.
  • Fentons Scholarships – The amount in the account has been building.  Scholarships will now cover the total cost of county/state registration fees, currently $63/member.  It will be used for as many members as there are funds. When the funds are depleted, it will be re-evaluated.
  • Sectional Leaders’ Council –  {notes attached} 
  • County Record Book Evaluation – The judging went well. There were questions about the criteria for books to earn a certificate/medalist/winner, which will be discussed by the I&R Committee.   Letters will be sent to participants regarding awards to be given at Achievement Night.
  • Cake Booth/Fundraising Committee – The committee met last month, but only half of the clubs sent representatives.  More attendance is required at the next meeting to be held on 10/20/15 at 7:00 pm at the Livermore Airport.  There will be an application for those who would like to volunteer in any extent or capacity in the running of the cake booth.  It is requested that volunteers make a 3-4 year commitment before passing it on to new volunteers.  The committee will come up with the plan for running the cake booth, division of duties, etc.   After the cake booth plan is established, the committee will also discuss general fundraising.
  • Presentation Day Workshop – It will be held on 11/7/15 at the Library at Canyon Middle School.  {flyer attached}  
  • Holiday Petting Zoo – Members are requested to bring their small animals to a holiday petting zoo at the Dunsmuir House on 12/5/15-12/6/15.  Contact David Vane.
  • Favorite Foods Day – It will be held on 2/20/16 at the Moose Lodge in Castro Valley.
  • Skate Night – It will be held on 10/26/15 at the Golden Skate in San Ramon

Upcoming Dates:

10/4/15-10/10/15        National 4-H Week
10/7/15                        County Science Experiment                           Canyon Middle School
10/10/15                      New Leader Orientation                                 Castro Valley/Dublin
10/16/15                      Achievement Night                                        Canyon Middle School
10/25/15                      New Leader Orientation                                 Contra Costa 4-H Office
10/26/15                      Skate Night                                                     Golden Skate, San Ramon
10/31/15                      Fun Run                                                          Shadow Cliffs, Pleasanton
11/6/15-11/8/15          State Leaders’ Forum                                     San Diego
11/7/15                        Presentation Day Workshop                          Canyon Middle School
11/14/15                      Sectional Leaders’ Council                            Contra Costa Co.
11/21/15                      Sectional Project Skills Field Day                 Stockton
1/22/16-1/24/16          Cal Conference                                               Walker Creek Ranch
2/6/16                         Presentation Day                                            Forest Park School, Fremont