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New Resource Center News Available

A new issue is available for Alameda 4-H Resource Center News.

Jan. 30, 2018 Contents:

Download and view the newsletter here.
HTML Link: County

Some selected excerpts:

1. The Alameda County Fair would love to have a 4-H booth in the Agriculture Building. They would like to have the booth be a collective booth of what the County 4-H program has to offer. There is prize money to be won!

The information for the Ag Feature Booth exhibit is on the back. It should answer all your questions, but if you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to Katrina Agamau or 925-336-6241.

2. Outreach Tracking:
- - Remember to record your outreach all year long. Please enter online at
- - Or fill out the Outreach Methods Documentation form and turn it in monthly before August 1, 2018
- - What is Outreach and why does 4-H track it? Outreach is any time we interact with the public in our capacity as 4-H members or leaders. 4-H administrators like to know when and how we interact with the public in a positive way; it helps with planning and even marketing for new 4-H members.

3. Alameda County Fair updates:
- Closed Monday and Tuesday
- Kids day will be on Thursday
- Senior Day will be on Friday
- July 4th no minors will be allowed entry unless accompanied by an adult that is 21 years and over.
- July 4th 3:00 pm last admission to fairgrounds and will closure is at 6:00 pm.