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Being a Facilitator for NYSD 2018

4-H National Youth Science Day 2018 is coming up fast, and we need facilitators to join our county committee and help run this event. Kris Konrad and Jack Boreczky from East Hills and Jeff Robbins from Palomares are the adult volunteers planning this event, but we need youth 4-H members to help us plan, organize and make this a successful NYSD 2018!

The theme is "Code Your  World" and will be Tuesday, October 2nd, from 6-9 pm at Canyon Middle School in Castro Valley. If you would like to be on the committee, please email Kris at or come to the committee meeting planned for later in September.

Coding experience is NOT needed for helping out, just some preparation and reading through the material.

See below for a walk-through of what we will be doing this year, and please consider joining the committee and helping to facilitate what will certainly be a fun and educational event!

What Are the Four Activities Happening at Code Your World NYSD?

1. Animate a Name (this is on a computer using Scratch)
2. Code Your Dance: using printed cards with commands, "program" a Chicken Dance
3. Artificial Intelligence: First, use dice to play Rock, Paper & Scissors, and then replace die with coins and evaluate a program.
4. Color Your World: an exploration of the map coloring puzzle where you first use a minimum of colors to color a world map, and then make your own map.



Animate a

Name in

more detail:


This is the one activity at NYSD 2018 that will require a computer, although it can be done off-line by downloading Scratch/CS First. If you've never used Scratch before, start at this link to work through a demo of the Animate a Name and review some of the material:

Try a Demo:
Review Material:

Note: Because we will probably NOT have wi-fi access on October 2nd at Canyon Middle School, we are planning on loading the off-line version of Scratch and this activity on 4-5 laptops. Kids will be able to do the activity, and can continue their work at home if desired (we'll have a handout with all of the links).

 The best way to learn about the remaining activities is to download a copy of the facilitator's guide, available here:!kit-materials

Kris and Jack will have the supplies for the 3 activities at the committee meeting on , and we will work through all of them so everyone is comfortable facilitating at the event.

The Remaining

3 activities