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Our Fenton’s Booth for 2018

4-H was the Community Partner for Fenton's Creamery in Oakland for the month of July, and East Hills 4-H represented 4-H by sharing some of our projects and stories with the public.

These first pictures show us arriving at the parking lot at Fenton's Creamery, where the staff has saved us the spot right next to the corner seating area. We can park and unload things, like the large sunshade and the grid from the county office to display posters and other large items. Fenton's Cramery is located at 4226 Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, and parking can be challenging on the weekends, so carpool and take advantage of the saved spot. We get there around 10:30 am (Fenton's opens at 11 am) to give us some time to set up and avoid some of the parking hassle.

The pictures below show our tables after other members have arrived and set up their posters and materials. We had a lizard for the younger kids, an  arts and craft activity, and posters about endangered species and other projects. You can see the grid behind the tables (it isn't too hard to set up, and Fenton's staff will store the grid for us in between weekends. There are some tables to the right of the sunshade which is where a few of our members were doing a hands-on activity, and we also have 4-H brochures and a tip jar on the main table.

I didn't get any pictures of the crowds, but we usually have a very steady stream of visitors and younger ones coming to see everything. We have a lot of fun talking with people about our 4-H experience and helping to raise money for 4-H.

And finally, here's the flyer showing the sundae they sell to raise money for us - delicious!