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Ducks for Bucks 2019 Information

You can now sponsor Ducks online without any number from a form, there is a drop down menu where friends and family and select East Hills 4-H when sponsoring Ducks. Super easy! Just send Kris an email with an estimate of Ducks sold this way so I can get a close estimate of our number when doing the paperwork later.

See here for more details and tutorial of the online process: Tutorial for Online Duck purchasing

A fundraiser for East Hills

Selling Ducks for the annual Ducks for Bucks Benefit Fundraiser held by the Fremont Kiwanis Club every year is our main club fundraiser, and how we have enough money to pay for room rentals at Creekside and the library, hold member events, and more. Almost all of our dues go to pay state and county 4-H fees, so to keep fees down for members and  adult volunteers, we really depend on our members to sell Ducks for us! We raised around 2000$ dollars last year which is roughly 450 Ducks sold; if we all work together, we can get close to that number again. And remember, you can earn 2$/every Duck sold to use for 4-H camp or other 4-H events.

The schedule has changed this year, and we will be selling from late August through September 25th, 2019 (the last day to get Ducks to me would absolutely be Sept. 25th, preferably a day or two before). See Meetup for selling dates at our Starbucks and other locations. And if you are new to selling Ducks, keep reading..

What is a Duck?

In short, one donates 5$ for 1 Duck to be entered into the Duck Race that happens in Fremont at Lake Elizabeth on September 28th, 2019 (open to the public with booths, games and fun for all ages). In addition to the Grand Prize, there are many smaller prizes which are listed on the customer part of the Ducks form.

Our club earns 3$ for the first 250 Ducks sold, then 4$ for any Ducks above that number. Because we team up with other 4-H clubs and projects, we get to 250 much faster, so this really is a terrific fundraiser for us.

The Process of Selling Ducks

What do you need? How do you get started?

  1. Get some blank Duck forms from your club leader or Duck coordinator.
  2.  Read up on the prizes, how to fill out the form (see below), and how the race works so you can answer questions.
  3. Sell Ducks to your friends, family members, neighbors, and participate in any selling opportunities your club might provide.
  4. Make sure the information is filled out and the envelope has the cash/check/credit card information and return to your club leader. The absolute deadline for handing them into Kris is September 23rd, 2019 (Kiwanis at LOV needs them by September 25th).

East Hills 4-H has been selling Ducks in San Leandro since 2003 (when we started the club), so many residents are very familiar with Ducks for Bucks and they will sell themselves. We will be setting up a table at the MacArthur Starbucks in San Leandro later in September (and hopefully a few other sites), so check out Meetup page for dates and times.

How the race works:

Every year for the last 23 years, thousands of rubber ducks have been released into Lake Elizabeth for the annual Ducks for Bucks Race benefit. A dump-truck releases the ducks (8000 last year) into the lake, and using their high-powered fire hoses, the Fremont Fire Department will slowly herd the ducks into the chute passage where the numbers are read electronically and in the order entered.

For the rest of the details as to how winners are selected found here:

The link is the Kiwanis website and will have any updates and other information.

Winners need not be present to win. Several years ago our first place winner lived in New Jersey and we simply mailed her the check. Each winner will be contacted by phone after the race. If unable to reach by phone, they will be contacted via email as well.

The part with the large Duck picture and the information about the race and prizes is given to the customer. It is a good idea for them to save it in case they win, but if they lose the form, they will still be able to pick up any prizes they might win.

How to sell Ducks with the forms

The part of the form with the envelope and the little flap is the part you keep and hand into your club. the information about the race is given to the customer.

Filling out the envelope with the correct information

6 Ducks for the price of 5 Ducks

Online Sales - new for 2019

UPDATE: Kiwanis has changed the online sales so people do NOT need a number from a form to sponsor Ducks online, they can now choose East Hills from a drop-down menu. I've written a separate post explaining it all here: Tutorial for Online Sales 2019

1. Give a customer one of your Entry Forms for your organization OR give them the number from the front of one form if they live far away. Be sure to NOT use this form for anyone else, and in fact, you should write "Online Sale" with the number of Ducks sold to give to me so I can add it to my count. If you give the form away (perfectly okay!), just note the sale/#Ducks on a post-it note and place on top of the Ducks you give back to me.
2.  Point out the Ducks for Bucks Website - - on the entry form at the bottom of the front page
3.  Tell the customer to go to that website and click the BIG BLUE BUTTON "LETS RACE". They will be transferred to a secure website where they click another BIG BLUE BUTTON "SPONSOR A DUCK NOW"
4.  Customer enters the Entry Form Number you gave them.
5.  Customer enters how many Ducks they want to Sponsor.
6.  Then the Customer enters their information and Credit Card number - its a secure website sponsored by GAME the company we contract with for all the Duck Race related services and equipment including the rubber ducks.
Its easy and it works and best of all your selling organization will get credit for the entry.

East Hills Members can raise money for their own 4-H activities

The Ducks for Bucks fundraiser not only raises money for the club, it also raise money for 4-H activities for our members!

How it works:

The first ten ducks sold by a member will be credited towards the club.  Thereafter, the member will receive $2/duck as credit toward 4-H related activities. For members of a family selling ducks collectively, ten ducks for the family will be credited to the club.  The remaining ducks will be credited to the family for 4-H activity fees at $2/duck.   So, if you and a sibling sell 100 Ducks, your family will have 180 dollars to use for 4-H Summer Camp, conferences, or anything else you attend that is 4-H related. Remember, you can use funds raised in on year for activities in the next year, so you do not have to use all the funds in the same year