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Tutorial for Online Sales of Ducks

As of August 23rd, 2019, there are now two ways to have friends and family buy their Ducks online.

Method#1: you give them the sponsorship number from the front of a Duck form, and they then enter that number on the website ( which links their purchase to 4-H. They then pick the #of Ducks they want to sponsor, and pay online through a secure site.

Method#2: You only give them the website, and they pick 4-H through a drop-down menu, no number needed. The rest of the process is the same.

Both methods work! I still need to know that your family/friend brought Ducks and how many so I can credit East Hills (we are selling with 2 other 4-H groups). To show you how easy it is to purchase Ducks online, I've taken screenshots to walk you through the process so you can explain it to friends and family.

This is the homepage for
Click on the blue button "Let's Race!"

This is the next screen (directly available at if you want to save your family/friend a step):

Once you click on that blue button "Sponsor a Duck", you come to this page:
If they have a number from a form, click "yes", if not, click "no". The next screen shows the drop-down menu for picking a group, click "yes" skips this step and takes you to choosing how many Ducks to sponsor and payment information.

Choose "East Hils 4-H" as shown below:

Once you select East Hills 4H, just move down the page to select the number of Ducks to sponsor:

And once you select the number of Ducks, hit "Continue"

And then you will come to a secure payment page, all standard.