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How to log in project meetings (for adult volunteers)

Logging in Project Meetings in the Facility Survey

This is the online form we need to fill out for every project meeting, club event, anything that is an official 4-H meeting, to ensure that we are covered by insurance. The club leader takes care of meetings and events, but if individual leaders do their own, it makes it much easier for the club leader. You can input all of your regularly scheduled project meetings at one go and the rest of this post will walk you through the steps. It really isn't that hard!

Here's the link: Alameda County 4-H Facility Survey link (will open in new tab)

Walk-through the Survey:

I have contacted the facility, set dates, and ready to proceed:

Hit "Yes".

Something like "Archery Project Meeting"

Please tell us what 4-H activity you are seeking approval for:

Project Meetings are generally "Organizing a 4-H Activity limited to my club or project". If it is a county event being put on by East Hills, do the last answer.

Helpful hints:

  • 'You aren't asking for contracts to be signed or anything like that, all you are doing is informing the office that you are holding a 4-H meeting. When I asked for the library rooms earlier in the summer, that is when the office and I work out the contract between 4-H and the library. But they still need the specific project meeting at the specific times, which is where you come in.
  • All 4-H meetings at private residences are covered, don't worry about using your home as a meeting place.
  • If you are meeting in a public area (like a park or a cafe), you do not need to provide contact information for the site, since you do not need permission beforehand to meet at those kinds of locations.


Please answer this question.
Please answer this question.
Please answer this question.

They still require most of the above information even for private residences, but you just put your home address, email and phone. If you are inputting information for the San Leandro Main Library, use this information:
Yolanda Carrasco and for contact person, and the address is 300 Estudillo Ave., San Leandro, 94577.

In a pinch, you can put "n/a" and it will accept that.

Most of your entries will be "private residences" and even a "previously used facility". You will answer "no" to the last two questions unless you are organizing an event that requires renting a room (in that case, email or come talk to me - I'll help you).

The "Percentage attending" question is important for the library rooms! Please put 70% (or higher). I don't think the numbers get back to the library, but I would hate for something to make it back to the library and we lose our ability to get free meeting rooms.

You can use "n/a" for the last two questions.

And then the last three pages will be food safety (hit "no"), flyer (probably "no") and files (again, "no").

If you have any questions, just text me or email me.