East Hills 4-H

a homeschool friendly club in San Leandro, CA

Dec 2020 Digital Art Meeting

We’re going to try something a little different for the next few meetings: start with a short fairy tale – Goldilocks – and work together to make a comic from the story. You won’t have to spend time on a script (everyone knows Goldilocks, for example), but you’ll have to work with some of the fundamentals of comic art:

  • Working out a storyboard
  • Deciding how to frame and set up the scenes and the actions: setting up the story, showing movement and action, closeups and views from farther away with different POVs.
  • What kind of style do you want to use for the short comic?
  • What kind of dialogue?
  • How will you divide up the work?
  • One idea for getting started on the artwork: don’t be afraid to find samples of illustrated bars or little girls (if you do Goldilocks) and learn how to draw those characters by tracing, copying, and ten re-drawing in your own style. Imitation and copying isn’t cheating, it is a classic and valid way to learn. Just don’t publish anything using anyone else’s art and you’ll be just fine.

I know Digital Art has always included a lot of time for everyone to work on their own work, but I’d like everyone to use at least 45 minutes of this meeting to work on this collaborative project. I’ll post resources if you need some help in thinking about how to work on this comic, but I am sure this group of 4-Hers can get quite a bit done on their own!

The original resources on the #ComicsSchool thread: https://comicsschool.org/class-pdfs.html There are lots of buried goodies about making storyboards, framing, and more.

How to Write a Script for your Comic – this has concrete advice on the planning and organizing, and lots more.

Samples of comics scripts written and drafted by professional comic artists These are actual scripts.