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Leader’s Council Highlights from Jan 2016 Mtg

The next meeting is next Tuesday, 2/23/16. You do not have to be a club leader to attend. I encourage you to do so because 1) we will need people to do this next year in order to bring information back to the club, 2) it’s a great way to learn about what is going on at county, sectional and state levels, and 3) it’s a great way to network and meet volunteers and leaders from other clubs.

– – All Stars – They are working on a leadership conference, hopefully to be held 9/9/16-9/11/16. They are currently looking to secure a venue.
They distributed a survey to gauge interest in technology training. It would cover the ORB, basic computer skills, trying to incorporate more technology into meetings (e.g. wi-fi at the Farm Bureau, digital flyers, etc.)

– – Rising Stars – The Fun Run on 10/31/15 went very well. (This is the first Leaders’ Council meeting since the event.) There were 44 runners, 10 of whom were not 4-H members, and approximately 100 people attended. There were also 6 booths to promote healthy living. Their upcoming projects for this year are a drive to collect items for Children’s Hospital Oakland and an AMP (Art, Music, Photography) Field Day to promote non-traditional activities of 4-H. It will possibly be held in mid-May and the public will be invited.

– – CAL Conference – Attendees reported on the event, which they really enjoyed. They described the activities they did and encouraged members to attend in the future.

– – Office Update – The county resource office has moved to its new location at 224 W. Winton Ave, Ste. 178, Hayward.
Binders are available with information on previous county events. State record book winners were announced. Angela Richards and Camille Lorenz were medalists, Ethan Kurz earned a merit certificate, and Audrey Kurz earned a participation certificate.

Golden Clover winners were also announced. Angela Richards and Margaret Miller won Spirit of Citizenship awards, and Carolyn Vane won for Collaboration and Outreach. Registration fees are due for state and county fees. Outreach activities should be recorded at A branding tool kit is available online.

– – Cake Booth/Fundraising Committee – The transition committee met recently and defined tasks that need to be done. Tasks that have been assigned are scheduling, shipping/vendors, storage locker, and baker. Baker’s assistants are still needed to work from 6 am – 12 pm. Still needed are volunteers to take care of the finances and an overarching coordinator.

The next meeting will be on 2/18/16, location TBD. More volunteers are needed to attend the committee meetings.

– – All Star application – The application will be updated and will be available on the county website at Applications will be due 4/1/16.

– – Skit Night – The event will be held on 3/4/16 at Canyon Middle School Set-up will begin at 5:30, check-in will begin at 6:30, and the event will begin at 7:00. The categories/rules and registration are on the county website at

– – Presentation Day – The event will be held on 2/6/16. Volunteers are needed to serve as evaluators. Club leaders were reminded that – – Sectional Primary Activity – Camden will be organizing an activity for primary members at Sectional Presentation Day. He is looking for 6 judges, 4 station monitors, and volunteers to help prepare for the event. He is also looking for someone to shadow him to take over the event next year. There will be four stations, including a community service of writing cards to soldiers.

– – Film Fest – The event will be held on 5/7/16 at the BADA studios at San Lorenzo High School. Volunteers, adults and youth, are needed to serve as reporters, photographers, ushers and to coordinate snacks. The website is updated and registration is available at

– – Favorite Foods Day – The event will be held on 2/20/16 at the Moose Lodge in Castro Valley.
Registration will close on 2/14/16 and is online at

– – County Fair – The Jody Thut awards and the Ruth Ferreira awards will be $50/each and the creative writing awards will be $25/each. Information on still exhibits was released (see flyer). The entry deadline will be 4/27/16 – almost a month earlier! Delivery dates will also be earlier on 5/20/16 and 5/21/16. The Super Club award will be available again this year.

– – Small Animal Field Day – The event will be on 4/23/16 at the Rowell Ranch Rodeo Picnic Grounds and will feature rabbits, poultry, cavies as well as a poster competition. Clubs that are participating with a species are asked to donate an item for the door prizes.

– – Horse Field Day – The event will be held on 3/13/16 at the Brown Ranch in Pleasanton.

– – Nominating Committee – A chair is needed for the committee to provide nominations for president and secretary.

– – St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Dublin 4-H will be participating in the parade on 3/12/16 in Dublin. Parade organizers would like 4-H members to participate, so Dublin 4-H would like other clubs to join them.

Upcoming Dates:

2/6/16 Presentation Day Forest Park School, Fremont
2/20/16 Favorite Foods Day Moose Lodge, Castro Valley
3/4/16 Skit Night Canyon Middle School
3/13/16 Horse Field Day Brown Ranch, Pleasanton
3/26/16 Sectional Presentation Day UC Davis
4/23/16 Small Animal Field Day Rowell Ranch Rodeo Picnic Grounds
4/30/16 County Fashion Revue
5/7/16 Film Fest BADA studios, San Lorenzo HS
5/21/16 Dog Field Day Dunsmuir House
5/21/16 Sectional Leaders’ Council San Mateo County