Official 4-H Names for our Projects

(updated August 2021)

The new enrollment system doesn’t allow aliases for projects, or in other words, we have to use official California 4-H Project titles for all of our projects in the software system. Not only do youth members need to select at least one project when they enroll, so do project leaders, and you will only see the official names in 4HOnline when you select projects.

Here’s the list I came up with – the East Hills project name is first, and then the 4-H official title is in brackets.

Animatics, {Graphic Arts}

Archery, {Shooting Sports: Archery}

Creative Math, {Science Literacy}

Digital Art, {Graphic Arts}

Digital Makerspace (CS and programming), {Science Literacy: Making & Tinkering}

Environmental Stewardship: Plastics Pollution, {Environmental Stewardship}

Fiber Arts project, {Fiber Arts}

Flights of Fantasy, {Cultural Arts}

Hands-on Chemistry, {Science Literacy}

Hiking & Nature Project, {Outdoor Adventure: Hiking}

Italian for Beginners {Cultural Arts}

Life Hacks, {Home & Personal Management}

Medusa National Mythology Exam, {Cultural Arts}

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), {Communications}

Pegasus Mythology {Cultural Arts}

Primary Makerspace, {Science Literacy: Making & Tinkering}

Succulent Gardening Project, {Ornamental Horticulture}

Tabletop Games, {Hobbies: Tabletop Gaming}

Virtual Game of Go project, {Hobbies: Tabletop Gaming}