Forms, Manuals and Record Books

Record Book Forms

If you are new to 4-H and record books, see this post for an explanation of what record books are and why the 4-H organization takes them so seriously. I’ve also listed why homeschoolers should take advantage of record books to further their kids’ learning and growth in 4-H, I hope you find it useful.

Clicking on the below links will take you to the California 4-H website and download forms directly (can also go to main page here: Record Book forms, manual and help

All links updated October 2019.

Primary (ages 5-8) forms (will cover difference between iSprout and regular form in post#2)

PDR (Personal Development Form) for Primary members from Cal 4-H
Regular PDR for Primary members
Revised Super Member Award form Junior Senior
Revised Super Member Award form Primary

Links to Cal 4-H Site

Click here for the main page on the California 4-H site that lists ALL forms
Warning, the list is long and comprehensive, and thus, a bit overwhelming. To make it easier, I’ve uploaded the most important documents for record books to the left.

Click here for more help and information from California 4-H about record books.

Need more information on how to fill out Record Books?

The Record Book Manual will walk your through the forms and requirements: Record Book Manual (as of May 2017)

It can also be really helpful to look through actual record books filled out by real 4-H members. These are direct links to the examples posted on the California State 4-H page: