2015-2016 East Hills Projects and Descriptions

You can download a PDF of project descriptions here:


or see a summary of our current projects below:

4-H Makerspace: Big Ideas Big Robots Big Brains
In our second year of Makerspace, we will focus on robotics this year, including programming. Using Arduinos, which are small open-source computers on a circuit board, members will learn to write programs that interact with the real world. In the beginning, members will program LEDs and light switches (that come with basic kit), and then later in the project, members could choose to build displays, motorized cars and even data collection robots and science projects. There are a lot of possibilities; the hard part can be choosing! We will be using Arduino kits from the 16Hertz.com site where a very basic Arduino kit costs about $20, which will contain enough parts to keep you busy for most of the year. Depending on the projects and robots being made later in the project, additional supplies and materials, will cost about $5-10 more. This will be up to the member; however, the basic Arduino kit will be enough to do projects all year. Leader will have very basic supplies available (wires, clamps, etc) and kits available at the first meeting to purchase.

Here’s an illustrated tutorial about Arduino that will show what we will be working on all year: http://www.youblisher.com/p/1170234-16Hertz-Ultimate-Arduino-Guide/

This project will explore the lore of archery. We will study:
1. bows and arrows: the long bow, the recurve bow, and the compound bow
2. nomenclature: parts of the bows and arrows, and other archery concepts
3. mechanics: bow energy, gravity effects, and arrow flight characteristics
4. marksmanship: how to increase marksmanship skills, concepts
5. special projects: projects of your choice, including marksmanship and making equipment

Arts & Crafts – Dr. Who (cancelled)
Calling all Doctor Who fans! In this project you will make various Doctor Who-inspired crafts such as TARDIS models, sonic screwdrivers, Adipose, Daleks, and 4th doctor striped scarves.

We will bake a variety of sweet and savory treats. There will be some holiday themes and some regional themes. Some examples of things we will bake are cupcakes, gingerbread, calzones, quiche.

Bay Area Nature Study Field Trips
Each month we will take a field trip to one of the local parks. Possible destinations include Sulphur Creek, Lindsay Wildlife Museum, Coyote Hills, Tilden, Sausal Creek, the UC Botanical Gardens, etc.

Chinese Jump Rope
Hi all curious kids, want to come and jump with us? We’ll discuss the art of Chinese Jump Rope along with techniques of the game. Not only will we be jumping, but we’ll also be making a couple jump ropes together. Make sure to bring your jumping shoes and comfy clothes! Hope to see you there!

Digital Art, Introduction to
Art comes in many forms, and a new and very fun form of art is using iPad apps to draw, paint, sketch or watercolor pictures. We will start with Paper 53, which is easy to use and will get us started with some basics. Once we’ve learned the basics, there is a plethora of other drawing and Photoshop-like apps to play with and make even more art. To give some structure to the year, we will use a classic work of art in different styles (Impressionism, modern, Renaissance, and more) to begin each project meeting to discuss and imitate. The classic work of art is only a starting point/suggestion, members will have complete freedom to create whatever art they like, but it can be fun to experiment and learn about different techniques to fuel your creativity and ideas!

Emergency Preparedness SLP – In Case of Emergency…
Do you know what to do in an emergency? In this service learning project, we will learn what to do to prevent, prepare and respond to a variety of emergencies. Then we will share what we learn in the community and help others to be prepared as well.

Endangered Species
We will examine the species in our ecosystem, and the communities within: the birds and animal community, the plant community, and the sea-life community. This will help us to gain a perspective of the world we live in. Next, we will identify some of the dominant species in each community, such as the condor and migratory birds (bird community), the gray wolf and polar bear (animal community), the oak and pine trees (plant community), and the star fish and sea otter (sea-life community). As background we will examine life on earth, species, and mass extinctions. Finally, we will ask what we can do and seek ways to help.

Environmental Stewardship
The primary goal of this serving learning project is to become aware of environmental problems in our club, community, country and world and execute solutions around sustainable lifestyle choices. The primary focus is on plastic pollution. Not only will we educate ourselves, but we will take our new knowledge out in the community and educate others. Some of the activities include:  Continue work on previously developed phone app to collect data about the use of plastics in restaurants in San Leandro  Conduct waste audits to help 4-H clubs and others evaluate their plastic pollution number  Participate in plastic reduction, reuse, repurposing and recycling efforts

Environmental Stewardship – Sausal Creek Community Service
In the Sausal Creek Community Service project, we will be working to restore a site in Dimond Park in partnership with the Friends of Sausal Creek. We will be planting and caring for native plants along a trail and up the adjoining hillside. We will also be weeding out invasive species. In March or April, we will put on an Earth Day event for a local elementary school. We will also do some fun field trips this year when we aren’t caring for our site.

Guinness Book of World Records
We will look up Guinness Book of World records and try to beat one or make up new ones and learn how to submit a record for judging. In the first meeting, we will try to eat as many M & M’s/Smarties with chopsticks while blindfolded in 1 minute (current record is 20).

History, Ancient / Performing Arts
In the Ancient History project, we’ll be doing hands-on activities to explore history. This year we’ll be exploring Rome, North Africa, India, China, the Britons, and the Huns. Optional reading lists will be provided, but class time will be focused on making arts and crafts, cooking, playing games, and practicing the ancient art of storytelling through theater.

History, Modern World / International Cooking
In this project we will be learning what the world was like in the early 20th century. Optional reading lists will be provided, but group time will be focused on fun hands-on activities. We’ll be exploring the cuisine of different cultures by making lunch together and engaging in role plays to discover the stories of history. We may also do some arts and crafts and science projects to explore ideas.

Life 101
In Life 101, we’ll be learning some of the skills you’ll need as you go out into the world. We’ll start off by doing some career planning and researching colleges. From there, you will choose a career and work your way through life–buying a house, getting a car, planning a budget, paying taxes, etc.

Mad Science
Are you intrigued by experiments with weird results? Do you want to consider yourself a mad scientist? Join Dr. Hans von Falkstein (a.k.a. Eric Nichandros) to create fake blood, bubbling and erupting concoctions, creepy noises, glow-in-the-dark foods and more. (Don’t worry, parents, these experiments are safe.)

Museum Passport Club
Hey kids, check out some fun museums to explore in the San Francisco Bay! We will meet up at a different museum once a month, and you can be tourists in our own community! We even have a fun “passport” for you to check off and record your museum visits! Museums are awesome. They can open up worlds of interest in different cultures, the way people lived in past eras, and different ideas of beauty. We will meet at various museums and locations. Scheduled Meeting Dates: ● October 6, 10:30 am – Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco – FREE *Self-guided – Exhibit-STRANDED! In this new exhibit, visitors “wash up” on an uncharted tropical shore to learn the ins and outs of island survival. Stroll through a living jungle of life-saving plants and discover the best sources of building materials, food and water, even weaponry. See examples of structures and tools—all created with a touch of castaway kitsch. Fun survival facts fill the gallery, including tips for climbing coconut trees and more! ● November 3, 10:00 am – San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park – FREE (Possibility of Jr. Ranger Program) – *Ranger led Historic Ships at Hyde Street Pier You may visit these sailing ships: Balclutha, an 1886 full-rigged ship, carried cargo throughout the world until 1930. C. A. Thayer, built in 1895, delivered lumber and fish along the Pacific coast until 1950. (Only the main deck is open for visiting). You may visit these steam ships: The Eureka ferryboat transported passengers and automobiles across the bay from 1890 to 1957. The Hercules ocean-going tugboat plied the Pacific waters from Central America to northern Canada towing logs and big ships from 1908 to 1962. ● December 1, 10:00 am – Asian Art Museum, San Francisco – FREE *Docent led and self-guided in museum; a Storyteller will animate the galleries with myths and folktales to introduce the museum collection and Asian culture before the kids get to explore on their own! ● February 2, 10:30 am – Legion of Honor, San Francisco – FREE *Self-Guided (Special exhibits are still not announced) ● March 1, 10:30 am – de Young Museum, San Francisco – FREE *Self-Guided (Special exhibits are still not announced) ● April 5, 10:30am – John Muir House Historical Museum, Martinez (Docent led and Jr. Ranger program) – FREE ● May 3, 10:00 am – Japanese Tea Garden, San Francisco – $8.00 for adults, $2 per child, and 4 and under are free. *Self-Guided; Lunch is not allowed in the garden, but you may purchase a Japanese snack at the “kissaten” (teahouse). Sushi is sadly not served anymore, but there is edamame, red bean pancakes, miso soup, cookies, and tea.

My Little Pony
My Little Pony Arts & Crafts where you can create and be inspired. You’ll also be able to watch an episode related to your craft before our meeting! You will need to bring the supplies for this project, and we will teach you the rest. See if you can figure out the craft you’ll be making by watching the suggested MLP episode.

Mysterious Benedict Society
The Mysterious Benedict Society is a series of 5 books by Trenton Lee Stewart. Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance have been mysteriously selected by Mr. Benedict to use their unique talents together to outsmart the enemy, Ledroptha Curtain. Trenton Lee Stewart reveals these tales of daring adventure through intriguing puzzles, hidden perceptions, and complex games. Join us for book discussion, activities, puzzles, codes, and games. The only age limit would be the ability to follow the plot and enjoy the storyline puzzles.

November is National Novel Writing Month. Come join us as we write a novel! We will help you plan your novel, work on your characters, and chart your course on this exciting adventure. And we will write, write, write!

Outdoor Adventures
In Outdoor Adventures we will hike on moderately challenging trails in nearby local and regional parks including the Oakland Hills, Hayward and Castro Valley. Get some exercise and enjoy the great outdoors with your 4-H friends! The hikes usually last about 2 hours, and parents are always welcome to join.

The Poultry Project is for all members who would like to learn basic chicken raising skills, even those without chickens. This includes poultry anatomy, egg grading, planning a coop and supplies, and researching which breeds are city friendly, keeping neighbors happy, and of course, raising happy and healthy chickens. Some members will also be learning and practicing showmanship skills for the Alameda County Fair next year. We will also work on our booth for the next Small Animal Field Day, as well as educational outreach opportunities to the public. This means planning and making posters, brochures and short talks to teach the public about owning and raising chickens. Finally, there is also a possibility to participate in a skit or other group presentation for Share the Fun on Presentation Day.

Rainbow Loom, Beginning
Hello, want to be Loomers? This project is for those who do not know much about Rainbow Loom. We will explain a little about Rainbow Loom and its origin, along with creating your own miniature designs and bracelets. For all ages to discover and learn the wonderful looming experience.

Rainbow Loom, Intermediate
Hello fellow loomers! This class is for loomers who want to take their looming to the next level. You think you can do it? Are you up to the challenge? I think you are, so come and join us! We suggest you use the Rainbow Loom®.

Reptile Pets
What is a reptile and why would you want to share your house with one? Basic husbandry and health concerns of all captive reptiles will be discussed along with how to grow your pet’s diet, enrichment, breeding, rescue, and conservation.

Rising Stars
This project is a county-wide public outreach project in which members bring awareness of 4-H to the community. This would be done by designing and executing an outreach project. While working on the project and other related tasks, they would develop skills in teamwork, leadership, public speaking, and citizenship. Activities could include planning and work parties and related field trips.

Sewing, Beginning
In this project you will learn how to be comfortable with your machine and learn the ins and outs of sewing. We will start off with an easy project and move to more difficult ones throughout the year.

Sewing, Felt
Each meeting we will make a new and fun project while learning basic hand stitching using a needle, thread, and felt. Along with those basic stitches, we’ll also learn how to trace and cut out simple patterns and sew on buttons, beads, and sequins.

Sewing with Recycled Materials
Learn to hand and machine sew using primarily recycled materials, making projects such as herb pillows and reusable t-shirt gift bags. We will do community service again by sewing more t-shirt grocery bags for the Berkeley Food Bank.

Square Dancing
4-H members come join the fun! This is a county-wide project so you can meet members from other clubs. Boys and girls learn to square dance from basic beginner to Mainstream and Plus as well as some line dancing. There are also community service and project exhibit opportunities with this project. Square dancing outfits are not required, but be sure you wear tennis shoes, not slip-ons or sandals, and clothing you can move around in. In this project, you can have a lot of fun, meet new friends and get great exercise! Bring your friends (they don’t have to be 4-H members) and parents too!

Warm Up America
Want to increase your knitting skills while gaining community service hours? This is the project for you! In the Warm Up America project, members will learn a new knitting pattern every month as we create afghans for people in need. Beyond the basic garter and stockinette stitches, we will learn seed stitch, ribbing, basketweave, and many more. We will also make knitted toys for toy drives. This is a great project if you are just learning to knit and want to expand proficiency. Depending on what crocheters are in the group, we are open to expanding to crocheting too.

Website Building
This will be an intro-level project where members can learn about making and designing their own websites, using free applications like WordPress and Edublogs. It can take about five minutes to sign up, name and make a new website, but there are a lot of things to learn in making your website interesting and easy to use. We will make visual and attention- grabbing headers (including manipulating photos or drawings), practice resizing and cropping images for a website, design and write webpages and posts, play with different fonts and colors, learn about widgets and how to use them, and of course, generate content for the website, not always the easiest task! Members can make their own websites (will need an email account) to use for practicing, but we also have a brand new WordPress site for our club, which members can work on if they prefer to not make their own.