Officer Positions for East Hills 4-H

Below is a list of all our officer positions, along with a description of the job. East Hills has an Officer Meeting the first Monday of the month, which is where the club leaders and officers work together to decide on the agenda for the club meeting and plan and organize events, community service and much more. If you are new to 4-H, there are some positions that require much less experience in 4-H than others and you can always ask for help if you need it.

4-H grows true leaders

Any 4-H’er can become a leader, and those who are leaders can always improve their skills

  • Acquire teamwork and group building skills
  • Assume responsibility for actions and never blame others
  • Follow through on goals
  • Teach, mentor, and support younger members
  • Identify problems and develop action plans to
  • solve them
  • Work on improving their written, verbal, and
  • interpersonal communication skills
  • Are kind, patient, caring, and helpful to others
  • Accept others for who they are and don’t judge people for what they may or may not do
  • Are confident without being pushy
  • Know how and when to delegate
  • Stay positive even when things go wrong
  • Are active listeners

Club President
– – Preside at officers’ and club meetings, including leading discussions about issues, upcoming events and any other agenda items.
– – Draw up and make copies of agenda for monthly club meetings.
– – Make announcements of events and business at meetings.
– – Work is ongoing throughout year.

– – Perform the duties of the president in the absence of the president.
– – Serve as chairperson of the yearly program committee and the membership committee.
– – Provide and maintain meeting sign-in sheets (attendance logs)
– – Provide and maintain sign-up sheets for committees.
– – Work is ongoing through year.

– –  Record, maintain and present the minutes of club meetings, act as the group’s correspondent, and keep a correct roll of 4-H members.
– – Work is monthly.

Sergeant at Arms
– – Maintain order in meetings; assist members as required with seating, microphone, etc., and lead the 4-H pledge and Pledge of Allegiance at beginning of club meetings.
– – Work is monthly in nature (club meetings only).

– – Receive and keep track of all money belonging to the club (keep good records) and write checks for payments as approved by club members and volunteers.
– – Keep a report up to date in the 4‑H Treasurer’s manual/binder.  The Treasurer and the organization volunteer(s) will also compile and submit required reports at the end of the program year.
– – Make a monthly treasurer report at club meetings.
– – The Treasurer needs a parent to act as a Parent Advisor (requires a training), but once you are past the learning curve and the influx of checks at the beginning of the year, it is not a time-intensive position.
– – Work is ongoing.

Healthy Living Officer
– provide information to members about healthy living choices, make short report at club meetings about healthy choices.
– – Work is mostly monthly (at club meetings).

Club Historian
– –  Maintain club scrapbook
– – Work is ongoing through year.

Club Photographer
– – Take photos of club events; forward for use in website, club scrapbook, newsletter.
– – Work is ongoing.

Recreation Officer
– – Plan and initiate mid- or post-meeting game or activity for our monthly club meetings.

Hospitality Officer
– – Maintain collection of prizes; arrange and conduct raffle at out monthly club meetings.

Newsletter Editor
– Collect and/or write articles about club, county, state, national 4-H activities; provide copies to club members via email.
– – Work is ongoing through year.

IT officer
– – Help to maintain and update club website. This includes writing posts about various club business as needed and helping to organize the information pages, again, as needed. If new to websites, you will have plenty of help from a volunteer.
– – We have moved our calendar to Meetup, which allows each member to input meetings and events, but officer should work with parent to make sure the larger events and club meetings have been put into the calendar.

Publicity Officer
– – Write up announcements and reports of club events and community service for the public; post on website, forward to County Office, submit to newspapers, as appropriate.
– – Work is ongoing through year.