Digital Art Project

Lessons for 2020-2021 Digital Art

Since we will be starting with virtual meetings, lessons and resources will be posted here for ease of access. Instead of spending time on the Zoom meeting going over materials together, part of the meeting time will be done at home individually (this will still count toward our meeting time for record book purposes!). Once in the Zoom meeting, members can ask questions about the materials and then spend most of the time working on art together and talking. See Meetup for Zoom links and dates and times.

Links to Lessons

Readings and Videos for October 2020 Digital Art Meeting

November 2020 Digital Art Lessons

December 2020 Digital Art Meeting

Archive of Digital Art meetings

2Dec2015 Digital Art Meeting

Virtual Meeting 2December2015 Learning about Leonardo DaVinci 1. Beginning his apprenticeship with Verrocchio Apprenticeships were extremely important in Leonardo’s time, they were almost the only way an artist could learn…

16Jan2018 Dig Art Lesson

Class notes from 16Jan2018 plus optional homework Jan 16th 2018 1. I opened with something fun, Google Arts and Culture X Degrees of Separation: Google Arts and Culture (…