What are 4-H events? You will see these mentioned on other 4-H websites, and on promotional brochures, but they don’t always explain what is entailed with 4-H events. Events run the gamut from a club-only gathering for fun (Movie Night, Talent Night, Club Carnival) to a county wide event (Skit Night, Skate Night, and County Presentation Day) to sectional and state wide events (Sectional and State Presentation Day) where 4-H members from all over California come to give presentations and participate in a wide variety of activities and learning. I’ve started a list of events, with links to more information if available, but as always, just ask another 4-H member or email us if you have any questions or comments, we are happy to help!

Presentation Days: 4-H Presentation Days are one of the most important events in 4-H, and there is a separate page with more information here on our site. In short, members attend Presentation Days to give a presentation on a topic of their choice, using various formats and styles. Presentations for primary members are not judged, but those of older members (ages 9 and up) are judged, using a rubric and the Danish scoring system. If the member does well at the County level, they can compete at the Sectional and then finally at the State Field Day (state wide Presentation Day plus many other activities).

Skate Night: 4-H members from all clubs in Alameda County gather (usually in Dublin) to skate and have a costume party and competition, since Skate Night usually takes place near Halloween. It is all for fun, of course.

Skit Night: this is another county wide activity where each club puts on a skit (usually based on a theme handed out at the beginning of the 4-H year). Past themes have included superheroes in 4-H, and traveling to the past.