East HIlls 4-H Projects Page

What is like being in 4-H? One of the foundations of being in 4-H is participating in projects, and as members get older and more experienced, they can serve as junior or teen leaders of projects, either helping the adult volunteer leader plan and run the project, or in many cases, organize and run the project themselves. 4-H members learn leadership, organizational skills, how to help other members learn and grow, and have fun.

What is a Project?
A Project consists of having meetings (at least 2-3 per year to monthly) where the members of that project learn and do activities, skill activities, community service, or citizenship. How about some examples to help make it more clear:

Amateur Naturalist
4-H Makerspace
Environmental Stewardship
Sausal Creek
Emergency Preparedness
Rainbow Loom

East Hills had almost 30 separate projects last year, and they cover a very wide variety of subjects. Since we are an urban 4-H club, we tend to not have as many animal projects as more rural 4-H clubs do, but we have had Poultry and Rabbit projects in the past.

You can browse our past projects by clicking on links below, or using the dropdown menu on the “Navigation Page” link at the top of the page. We keep archives of our past projects because it can be quite inspirational to look through older projects when thinking about new ones!