2023-2024 Archery Leader Checklist

updated 18March2024 by Kris

Listing of items to do for Archery meetings (finished items – blue background)

  • Go through Risk Management document (see https://ucanr.edu/sites/UC4-H/files/216193.pdf) and have copy in the Archery binder. It also needs to be signed/sent to Rachel at county office. Progress: Put items from this documen t on this page, have copy for binder.
  • Written lesson plans outlining what is to be covered at each lesson shall be maintained. Progress: the main website for Archery lessons/ideas is at: https://4-hshootingsports.org/resources/instructor/discipline-information-resources/archery-discipline/ Jack should write up a short listing of meetings and what will be covered, plus any games or activities that are appropriate. I’ve put the schedule below so we can have a quick listing of plans for each meeting:
    • Saturday, March 23rd, 11 am – Introduction and going over safety rules
    • Saturday, March 30th, 11 am –
    • Saturday, April 6th, 11 am
    • Saturday, April 20th, 11 am (3rd Saturday)
    • Saturday, May 4th, 11 am
    • Saturday, May 18th, 11 am (3rd Saturday)
    • Saturday, May 25th, 11 am
    • Saturday, June 1st, 11 am

  • All participants, parents, and guests will sign in on an established activity log at each meeting. Done: Kris had an attendance log from COVID days and printed out 5 copies for the Archery binder.
  • Current Youth and Adult Treatment Authorization and Health History Forms will be available for all participants. Progress: I found the paper form here: https://ucanr.edu/sites/UC4-H/files/4726.pdf Kris can print out the health history and the treatment authorization for all members and any adult volunteers. Progress: Health forms/authorization for the kids are printed, plus some blank forms for the parents. Sent email explaining, and asking that if they will be near the action, they need to fill out the form.
  • UCANR Incident Report Forms will be used to document any incidents, including injuries, property damage, or near-misses, and will be submitted to 4-H YDP staff. Incident Report forms will be available in printed form at all meetings and are available online at: http://ucanr.org/incidentreport Finished: Kris printed out three copies of this and put in the binder.
  • A UCANR use agreement will be secured prior to using any facility or range. Volunteers may not sign a use agreement on behalf of UCANR or 4-H. Progress: an email has been sent to the EBPRD about a user agreement, although Kris isn’t confident they will sign anything. EBPRD did answer me on Mar 21st, and will not be signing any user agreement with us, since they have a special user agreement with Bowman Club. Sent email to Rachel informing her.
  • Range and safety rules must be posted. Progress: Bowman Range has rules listed, but do we need a separate printout?
  • Safety inspections of range facilities and equipment will be performed by the Project Leader on a regular schedule and annotated in the range log. Progress: I couldn’t find anything to tell me what a range log should include, so I made one.
  • The Project Leader will verify that Emergency Medical Service personnel have access to and knowledge of the facility. First aid kits and trained personnel must be available on site. Progress: we aren’t calling the local fire department about whether they know about Bowman Range, we’ll assume they do, especially with Chabot being right there. We will bring the first aid kit from the car to the meetings, and if Luke comes, he’s trained in first aid “officially”, but I think we’re okay on this. Started up a “Bring to every meeting” checklist below.
  • Site-specific emergency plan for each individual range will be prepared to cover: range accidents, parental notification in emergencies, lost child, or any other concerns specific to the area. Progress: Kris has already filled out the Project Plan for Archery back in September 2023, which has some of what is needed, but probably could use some additional information as to accidents, etc. I added specific plans to the Project Plan, as well as printing a summary on one page for the binder.
  • Inventory log showing all Archery equipment and dates they were checked. Progress: Kris made one (see download below) but it makes more sense to have a listing of the inventory and then multiple rows for checking them so you don’t have to rewrite the items every time. Printed out 3 copies for binder, will start with that, and then update once I have an inventory.

  • Preliminary Checklist (see page https://ucanr.edu/sites/UC4-H/files/298802.pdf). I have a document started on my computer, will need to be printed out and put in binder, but no signatures needed (or sending it to the county office).
  • Items from the Preliminary Checklist (all are above):
    • Do you have a written risk management plan for your program? Progress: in process, see above.
    • Have you determined a lesson plan for your program covering what will be covered and on which dates? Progress: in process, see above.
    • Do you have a UCANR user agreement with the facility you will be utilizing? (Your county staff member must assist you in obtaining this document). Progress: in process, see above.