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Returning Adult Volunteer Enrollment & Training

As of August 2020, if you are an Adult Volunteer returning to 4-H, here is an overview of the process:

  1. Re-enroll at 4HOnline.
  2. Complete the 2020-2021 training for returning volunteers.
  3. Give a copy of medical form from 4HOnline to club leader and sign Member Agreement.
  4. Pay volunteer dues (25$) or email Kris for a fee waiver.
  5. Read and take the survey regarding COVID-19 for 4-H In-Person Activity
  6. Get approved as a 4-H Volunteer. The County Director reviews and approves 4-H volunteer appointments after all the application requirements and mandatory trainings are completed. If approved notification of your 4-H adult volunteer appointment will be sent from 4HOnline. Keep this email as proof that your are a Certified 4-H Leader. If there are any limitations on the appointment a subsequent letter will be sent from the county director. If not approved a letter will be sent to the applicant from the county director.

See below for all the details!

Note: This process is only for volunteers that were “Active” in 4HOnline during the 2019-2020 4-H year.  If the volunteer was not active during 2017-2018, they will need to complete the process for NEW Volunteers.

Specific Details for each step

1. Re-enroll at 4H Online.

  • Go to 4H Online , sign into your family account, selecting one child at a time, work through the pages and then enroll each child when finished. Please make sure the Family email address in the system is correct and one you check regularly.
  • Click here for a page that will walk you step by step through this process using the parent’s email (and password)
  • Only youth need to enroll unless the adult is going to be a certified volunteer.

2. Take the Returning Volunteers Training in the online eXtension system.

Please check your Family email from 4hOnline for the instructions to create an account and to register for a course. If you do not receive an email, please verify that the email entered in 4hOnline is correct and notify your county 4-H Representative. You should receive your County Enrollment Key from your email confirmation received from 4HOnline. If you do not, please contact Cheryl Fraser at

For direct links to the instructions and eXtension courses, please see the State 4-H website Learning and Development page.

If you have created your account and already have your county enrollment key, you can access the Returning Volunteer Training by clicking the English or Spanish versions below. Please note that you might have to be signed into exTension before link will go to correct course. Email Kris or Cheryl if you don’t have the password for the course (will be in the email).

2020-2021 California Returning Volunteer Training
2020-2021 Entrenamiento de voluntarios que regresan

3. Give a copy of your Medical Release  to the club leader.

– – You can download a PDF of the health form at 4HOnline once you have completed the enrollment process. Once you are back to the main page that looks like this:

Under the list of names is a “Member Reports”. Select your name, and then select “Health Form” in the next line. Give it about 10 seconds, and then you can save or download the PDF. Print out a copy for the club leader (Kris) and also have a copy on hand for all of your own projects.

— You may also find this form at 

A signed Member Agreement for each family.

– – You can download the Member Agreement here: 2015_member_agreement_form (PDF) or Member Agreement 2012 (Word).
– – Please print it out, read  through the Code of Conduct (and discuss with your kids), have everyone sign it,  and bring to the September/October club meeting or mail it East Hills if you prefer (email for address).
– – We will also have blank forms already printed out at the Sept. 10th/Oct. 8th club meetings (2018 mtgs, Creekside Church n San Leandro from 1-3 pm), so if you read through the Code of Conduct at home, you can quickly sign a form at the meeting.
– – You can view the member’s code of conduct at , the adult volunteer code of conduct at, and the parent code of conduct at
– – You can also find East Hills Operating Rules on the Forms page

4. Pay Annual Dues

— They are $65/youth and $25/adults.

  • You can bring the dues to the Sept. 10th meeting or Oct. 8th club meetings, where our treasurer will give you a receipt. You can also mail them to us, using Kris’ address (email her for address).
  • Cash is fine, but checks are also welcomed. Please make them out to “East Hills 4-H Club”. We cannot do PayPal or credit cards, unfortunately.
  • We never turn anyone away for inability to pay, please email Kris if you need a fee waiver.

5. Read and take the survey regarding COVID-19 for 4-H In-Person Activity

Click on link below to see PDF with instructions and links (also below).

COVID-19 for 4-H In-Person Activity