Entomology Project

This is a project for the 2020-2021 4-H year, and here’s the description:

This primary project will be focusing on Bay Area Backyard Bugs, because we learn best when we connect our learning to real world phenomena in our backyard. We’ll start virtually, using videos (KQED, Nat Geo) and online interactives to learn about pill bugs, native bees, wasps, and ants with at-home activities that members can share during our virtual meetings as well as discussing what they’ve learned. Examples of at-home work include making drawings, photographing bugs in your backyard, or writing a story about an insect. We’ll resume in-person meetings as soon as possible and will meet in San Leandro (either at home of leader or park). We’ll make homes for native bees, set some traps for pill bugs and ants so we can observe them, and grow plants to attract beneficial insects to our backyards.

See below for details of any assigned pre-meeting work, what we did and discussed during meeting, and extra resources and links for any member who would like them.