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Online Member Agreement

Since we are almost 100% virtual this year, getting hard copies of the Member Agreement is annoying (snail mail, what is that??), and not everyone has Word or PDF editing capabilities, so to make it easier, I’m putting the Code of Conduct and the Operating Rules below. Read through them, and then send either Kris or Noelle an email (or even a text) that says the following:

I and my children have reviewed and discussed the Operating Rules and Codes of Conduct together and are prepared to abide by 4-H rules.

Signed (today’s date) by (your names)

Since this isn’t a binding legal contract and all we are looking to do is ensure that everyone is familiar with the rules, a simple list of everyone who has done the above will be fine for our purposes. And hopefully this makes it easier for everyone.

Link to Code of Conduct Page

Link to Operating Rules: