2023-2024 Projects

Here’s the list of projects that East Hills is offering for this 4-H year. Please note that some of the meeting details …

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Readings and Videos for October 2020 Meeting

Gail Simone’s #ComicsSchool Main page with all 5 “lessons”: https://comicsschool.org/pages/original-classes Day#1: https://comicsschool.org/files/comicsschool-day1.pdf Go to Day 1 and just read through the document. …

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2Dec2015 Digital Art Meeting

Virtual Meeting 2December2015 Learning about Leonardo DaVinci 1. Beginning his apprenticeship with Verrocchio Apprenticeships were extremely important in Leonardo’s time, they were …

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16Jan2018 Dig Art Lesson

Class notes from 16Jan2018 plus optional homework Jan 16th 2018 1. I opened with something fun, Google Arts and Culture X Degrees …

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2020-2021 Plastic Project

we are going to start Plastics with some beach clean-ups on our time and schedule, since Coastal Cleanup will not be happening on the usual 3rd Saturday of September, but they are doing a modified cleanup where you select your own shoreline and your own day in September.

Plastics Meeting March 2019

Poster/Trifold Research 1March2019 Meeting:Working title: What if plastics persist? The theme of the poster is to show several trends related to plastic …

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