Plastics Meeting March 2019

Poster/Trifold Research

1March2019 Meeting:
Working title: What if plastics persist?

The theme of the poster is to show several trends related to plastic pollution and investigate what would happen if those trends continued unchanged. The five trends we brainstormed to research are:

Zachary: Gyre size/area
Zoe: Fish vs plastic in ocean
Kaelyn: Amount of microplastic in drinking water
Luke: Percentage of plastic bottles downcycled something related
Jack: Number of single use items thrown away/used in a year

Links to Articles, Research and more

I wanted to get this page up, so I only have a few articles listed below – you should find good keywords and people to search for by reading the three articles below, so they are a good start. If you find more resources, either put them in comments or email me, and I’ll add it to the main list.

And don’t forget to keep track of the sources you use for your research, we will need to cite them on the trifold/brochure in small print at the bottom.

Finding plastic in the deep ocean – from The Atlantic
Microplastics in drinking water – research paper from SurfRider Org,.
Microplastics everywhere – NPR