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Evolution & Genetics Project

Work for Meeting #1 (Oct 21st)

Our first project will be working through the Deer Mouse Fur Color: From the Field to the Beach on Concord Consortium.

Signing up for the Concord Consortium class:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on”Register”, hit “I am a student”in the pop-up, complete the form, and click ​Next
  3. Enter the unique ​Class Word​ for our class (this is a public page, so please see the email I sent) and click “​Sign Up”.

You should then see “Deer Mouse Fur Color” on the page. Hit “Run, and you will see the list of activities and the different units we will be doing. There are a total of 5 units, and I’ll try to break up the units to be a reasonable amount of work for each month. Since meetings will not be the core of this project, but your individual work, you can put the number of hours you worked on this (an estimate is fine) in your record book for the APR for this project.

Work through following lessons:

Lesson 1.1: Natural History

  • Learn about deer mice (some reading and a video)
  • Answer question inside the lesson (they’ll be saved so we can use them as a class)
  • Look at some actual data collected on field studies
  • Introduction to CODAP, a graphing program we’ll use to analyze data.
  • Using CODAP, analyze the data. Don’t worry if you have some problems with this! Use the forums to ask me questions (or even email). We’ll also use the October meeting to discuss what the data are showing us – it is perfectly okay to feel a little unsure of what you are supposed to see, we’ll figure it out together.

Lesson 1.2: Ecology

  • Use the simulation to see what happens when predators enter the equation with deer mice. This is fun to do, so play with the settings and experiment.
  • Collect some of your own data using the simulation.
  • Use the simulation to figure out what happens where there are no predators.
  • Create your own model of what is happening with the deer mice and predators. Answer the questions.

Unit 1 Summary

  • You can do this on your own, but we’ll probably work on this together during our meeting. It is short and sweet, just a summary of what we’ve done so far.

Print out the Student Field Notebook #1

Print out this document to serve as your notebook to take notes and answer questions as you work through the lessons above. Some of the questions are duplicated on the webpage, but the notebook has space to copy data and serves as a nice hard copy for you.

Be here on the Evolution Forum (under Forum tab) October 21st at 3:30 pm to discuss