2020 – 2021 Projects

As of August 20th, we do not have a finalized list of projects with details and descriptions. Amid the uncertainty of being able to meet in person, we all got a late start in planning our projects this year. We’ll update this page as soon as we can with the general schedule and descriptions of the projects, but we do have a preliminary list of the projects themselves. We’ve included a short description of each unless it is obvious, but feel free to email Kris at info@eEastHills4H.org for more information.

Primary Makerspace, a project for younger members to build and make. Project will start once in-person meetings are safe again.

Book project for teens

History project

Cosplay/costuming project, where members work on their own costume and meetings are a place to work alongside each other and get advice/share information (led by one of our older teen members).

Instructive art project

The NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) project: there will be 6 hours of very short meetings in October and November (virtual). The project will include novel writing individual preparation in October and daily writing in November. We will motivate each other and share ideas during the zoom meetings but focus mainly on individual work on our novels, poetry, graphic novels, and short stories using the online program NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program.

Movie Making Fun: this project won the Best Picture Award in Alameda 4-H Film Festival, and Gold in State Film Festival last year. All about making movies together. Instead of monthly meetings, we will work in groups via zoom ( screenwriters, editors, actors, costume designers). We will meet in person only for the actual filming. Our idea is to make the project open and allow people to join the cast even as late as in spring by organizing castings for actors, hiring editors, etc.

Mini Microgreens Farms,  learning how to support our families and friends with leafy vegetables by starting a Mini Microgreens Farms. The project will last 8 to 21 days. We will be buying the seeds and flats in bulk for lowering the cost, calculating, learning about the health benefits of microgreens, cooking, and sharing our progress.

Gill Tract Farm Project – working at a community farm in Berkeley once it opens to the public again.

Wilderness Skills:

Go/Chess Project


Conversational French, this would be held on Zoom twice each month, would start with word lists (for familiarity and pronunciation, then move on to conversations, and finally short videos.

Natural Science project focusing on birds: using Jennifer Ackerman’s book on birds

Citizen Science project

Herbs Project

Entomology, would start the year digitally (webquests that members can do at home to fulfill meeting hours, and then we meet in person once restrictions are lifted. Might meet at Kris’ house for backyard work (worms, bees, more).

Digital Makerspace: working on digital creation and learning programming. This will probably wait until we can meet in person again.

Creative Math, learning math using puzzles, manipulatives, and innovative apps and websites. Will start with digital meetings (Zoom, plus list of activities to do on own at home), meet when we can.

Digital Art, doing art on our iPads and computers using apps. Will start with digital meetings (Zoom, plus list of activities to do on own at home), meet when we can.

Evolution Project:  this would be online and would involve an interactive activity sequence learning about the evolution of the deer mouse using real life date and other resources. Zoom meetings would be for the members to confer and discuss some of the questions or activities.

Probabl Projects: Calico Critters, Mystery

Wish list Projects: Kindness Project, Bubble Buddies, Entomology, Organic Gardening, Animal Crossing, Anime, Roller Skating, Volleyball, Cooking, American Girl, Baking, History, Science, and Art.