September 2020 Officer Meeting: Agenda and Meeting Minutes

11Sept2020 – Officer Meeting Agenda and Notes (in italic, dark red)

  1. Welcome back everyone and introduce the new officers (President =Van, VP=Nicole, Secretary=Kiana, Treasurer=Luke, Hospitality=Clementine, Club Historian – Zoe, IT Officer – Nicole (if needed), Club Photographer – Penny, Sergeant at Arms – Ayla). Still need Recreation, Newsletter (Healthy Living and Publicity are less urgent).

  2. Plant Sale next weekend – all the details are on Meetup, but we still need the following:

    a. Two MacArthur Street signs

    b. Two Parking lot signs

    c. Four Table Signs (where the plants will be)

    e. Two Dutton Ave. signs – Finn and Isabella

    d. Tables – We need some more tables, 2 by 4 feet or the larger ones would be great. You can drop them off at my house before the sale, or bring them the morning of sale and meet us at the church parking lot, especially if you are helping with set-up.

    • We might have enough tables between Kris, Nicola, and Brianne.

    f. Two more sawhorses would be great too.

    g. Help with set-up (be there at 9:15 to help) and breakdown/cleanup (around 1 pm, but I might text you if we run out of plants earlier and clean up sooner). You don’t have to work sale and do set-up or clean-up.

    h. Two or three more members to work during the sale, see Meetup for shifts (1.5 hours long), or sign up to work both.

    • We have Luke, Chance, Jack, Kris, John, Desiree, Kaelyn, Zoe, Van and Clementine to work.

    • Talked about the need for flexibility regarding shifts, because it is hard to know exactly how many people we will need to work shifts. There is also the possibility we will run out of plants before 1 pm, so priority is really that 10 am starting time, since that is when the most people show up.

    i. We should also probably make a new East Hills tip jar since the cardboard one is getting kind of old and torn.

  3. Should we sell cold Izze drinks and packaged snacks at the Plant Sale? It might add to the profit line without a lot of effort.

    • Van thinks we should definitely do this, it is easy enough to make some money.

    • Kris will bring blue painters’ tape to help with managing social distance rules at sale,

    • Brianne suggested we make local signs to put up around the church before the sale, great idea. Luke/Kris will put one up at MacArthur and Dutton and Bancroft/Dutton, Van?Brianne?Clementine will put one up near Estudillo Produce.

4. Plant Sale for the Spring: this is still tentative, but Kris is talking with Barbara Butko and Desiree (Zoe and Kaelyn’s mom) about growing our own plants and having another sale in the spring. Kris is thinking of a Succulent/Fundraiser Project which would work on this: learn to propagate succulents and other plants, grow herbs from seeds, keep them all alive for months, make information signs for new plant owners, labels and decorated (cheap!) pots to increase sale value and on. There would have to be 1-2 in person meetings, but most could be virtual/at home on your own.

However, the officers need to make a decision soon (by October meeting?) as to whether or not the club wants to pay for the upfront costs (potting soil, small pots) to get this started, since propagation should start soon for nice and mature plants by the spring. Kris estimates very roughly about 150$ for soil and small pots (would need hundreds) to get started, donation drives can help with getting larger clay pots and other supplies.

  • Discussed some more details of doing a sale as a project, because it is enough work that members should get credit. You wouldn’t need to be a part of the project to help with the spring plant sale though, and we will need everyone to help.
  • We’d need members to get donations of more succulent plants (cuttings) so we have enough mother plants to take cuttings from – Elizabeth has over 200 varieties now and can help us, but it would be good for us to have our own collection of mother plants. Oaktown also has gardeners and contacts, this shouldn’t be too hard.
  • Working the actual plant sale next weekend will help us decide if this is something we want to do – most of the work is setting up the pots and propagating the plants, then it is just a matter of taking care of them and waiting. The older and more mature the plant, the more money we can charge.
  1. Business: how to do Officer Installations? Ideas?

    • Discussed some ideas, and decided to do a virtual one, most likely at the October club meeting to give us time to get ready. Van will get in touch with Fi and find out about the form used to install officers and whether an adult leader can do the installations.

  2. Deadline for project selection is 9/15, plus everyone needs to get enrolled as well.

  3. Community Service opportunities:

    • Coastal Cleanup isn’t going to be only day this year, but they are asking participants to pick a day in September and their favorite shoreline and do cleanup on their own. Plastics Project will be doing this, and Luke will send out more information soon.

  4. Additional Business

    a. How to do recreation in Zoom meetings?

    • Members can stay after Zoom meeting is over, do recreation activities.

    • Brianne will send out information about how to do Zoom on different computers/browsers.

    • Luke will help during club meetings by answering any questions on the chat from members.

    • Will also let members know at club meeting that we will be recording future meetings to make it easier for Secretary to do notes (delete when done?)