Planning for International Field Day

The actual event is April 13th, 2-4 pm, at Hill and Valley Club 1808 B Street Hayward, 94551. East Hills’ officers have decided to do a table on Poland, without a performance.

Components and assignments (who is responsible for what?)

  • Informational Poster. Recommendations:
    • Large tri-fold or similar. Kris will purchase with club money.
    • A map of Poland- Kris can get this printed at FedEx since it should be nice and big and colorful. If anyone has a map she can use, please let her know, otherwise she’ll find a nice one.
    • Cultural information- assigned member: PK
    • Fun facts- assigned member: AA
    • Favorite foods – assigned member: BK
    • Information on a cause or causes benefiting the peoples of Poland (with links)
  • Members will work up the information for their assigned item and can either print it up themselves and bring to a work session to put on the poster, or email to Kris, who will print it out. It would be good to use the same font and size and colors (Poland’s colors are red and white, so those and maybe a nice dark navy blue for text to make it pop).
  • Activity or Game. Choose a fairly simple game or activity that can be done at your table. Any details on this? Supplies needed?
  • A Polish delicacy- we need small samples with information on contents, especially common allergens. Did we choose a food? Who will be making it, and do they need help?
  • Decorations for the table:
    • A red or white tablecloth? Kris has cloth ones, although the red isn’t super bright red like the Polish flag.
    • Other decorations?

Scheduling work sessions

We don’t have a lot of time to get everything done, but here’s a tentative plan:

  • Monday, April 1st, Creekside at 3:45 pm:
    • Bring any research and work you’ve done at home and do a mock-up of the poster (not everything will be finished and printed out, so we won’t actually paste anything onto the board).
    • Finalize details of the food and the game/activity
    • Start on possible decorations for the table
  • Monday, April 8th, after the club meeting
    • Bring all printed materials and get onto the board
    • Finish any decorations
    • Anything else?
  • If absolutely needed, we have the rest of the week to finish preparations, but the informational board should be very close to done by the end of the club meeting.

Who will be actually helping on the day of the event?

— Just need to know so we can be sure we are good to go.
NK’s family