Project selection and sign-up process

Click here for the project descriptions on the website, but for the details on meeting time and places, please email for electronic copies of the schedule and summary. We don’t publish leader names or specific meeting details on the website. You can also download public versions of our project descriptions and schedule here: Download Project PDFs

In short, we use a ranking system to make sure every member has the best chance of getting into his or her most desired projects. Some projects are very popular and have limited seats, so using a “first-come, first-serve” method seemed unfair and impractical. So, we have a Project Sign-Up sheet that you can download here: 2018 – 2019 Project Sign-Up Sheet PDF

It will have a simple list of all the projects we offer, with directions and details. Have each child select their desired projects, and then place #1 next to the most desired one, #2 for the next one, and so on. I am happy to accept electronic copies, or even an email with the list of selected and ranked projects, and of course, a hard copy handed to me at the first club meeting (Monday, September 10th, 1-3 pm at Creekside Church) is fine too. Just be sure to include name and age of the member requesting the projects in the email.

The deadline for project sign-ups is  Tuesday night, Sept. 11th, 2018 (so again, our first club meeting is the perfect opportunity to hand in the requests), but of course kids can sign up for any projects after that if they have openings.

One last thing: please be cognizant of the age limits for projects, our leaders work hard on planning and running these projects, and sometimes the content or activities just aren’t for younger kids. That said, if a member is close in age, or is particularly passionate about a subject, let me know and I’ll ask the leader. No guarantees, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.