Welcome to East Hills 4-H’s Virtual Open House!

We have a tradition of having an Open House to show off our club and youth members every August here in San Leandro, but of course, with the pandemic, that wasn’t going to happen this year. But we have a website filled with old posts and information about our club, and while it isn’t quite as fun as meeting people in person, chatting about upcoming projects, and asking questions about fair entries and presentations, we hope to return to all of those things as soon as we can. I’ve written some posts highlighting our club, and linked to some older pages that might prove interesting. To get you started, here’s our upcoming projects: 2020 – 2021 Projects

To see what projects we’ve offered in the last 10 years, click on the “Our Projects” tab in the above menu bar. You can peruse past project offerings, along with descriptions and schedules. Projects are only one part of being in 4-H, but it is an important part!

Read an account of a 4-Her’s year to get the full story of just how many things a member can do: A Year in the Life of a 4-Her

Under the “Information” tab in the above menu bar, you’ll find some helpful pages for anyone brand new to 4-H: how to enroll, Presentation Day manuals, how to become an adult volunteer. 4-H depends heavily on their volunteers to lead projects, and we have a training process (and background checks) to ensure all of our volunteers are ready to lead projects and help run the club.

Flyer about East Hills4-H club

To read about 4-H from our youth member’s point of view, there’s a “Newsletter” tab where you’ll find our club newsletter, comprised of articles written by our youth members. Not all of our newsletters are published, because it can be hard to redact those with lots of photos and identifying information, but there is a nice list to browse.

For more general information about 4-H, the county and state 4-H website are invaluable for teaching about not only the history of 4-H, but also why joining 4-H can be a life-changing experience for so many youth. Below are links to just one page, but there’s a wealth of information contained within them:

Alameda County 4-H “About Us” Page
California State 4-H Homepage

The above links will get you started but feel free to explore and browse our site!

Please use the contact form below if you would like more information or want to join East Hills.