21Oct2020 Entomology Meeting

I tried something new for this meeting, Nearpod, which is a way to present information and interactive activities virtually. Because I used a pre-made learning module (and adapted it), I … Read more

Online Member Agreement

We experimented with having people email their Member Agreements last year but I think it is time to move to an online form, so all of the member agreements are … Read more

County 4-H Auction Committee

Silent Virtual Auction County Fundraiser – Volunteers Needed! We are looking for volunteers to join the Silent Virtual Auction Committee. We are requesting a minimum of two people from each … Read more

Plant Sale Planning

2. Collecting Materials: 3. Propagating and growing plants Now that Kris has trays, pots, and soil, she needs some volunteers to help grow plants. If you are comfortable meeting with … Read more

Readings and Videos for October 2020 Meeting

Gail Simone’s #ComicsSchool Main page with all 5 “lessons”: https://comicsschool.org/pages/original-classes Day#1: https://comicsschool.org/files/comicsschool-day1.pdf Go to Day 1 and just read through the document. Her focus is writing scripts for a comic … Read more

Our Open to County Projects

Here are our projects that are open to the county. I’ve provided our description, but for more information about meeting days and times (they are all virtual as of September … Read more

2Dec2015 Digital Art Meeting

Virtual Meeting 2December2015 Learning about Leonardo DaVinci 1. Beginning his apprenticeship with Verrocchio Apprenticeships were extremely important in Leonardo’s time, they were almost the only way an artist could learn … Read more

16Jan2018 Dig Art Lesson

Class notes from 16Jan2018 plus optional homework Jan 16th 2018 1. I opened with something fun, Google Arts and Culture X Degrees of Separation: https://artsexperiments.withgoogle.com/xdegrees/RwERadz8ZnfhGw/xwERWaqDyIcZ9w Google Arts and Culture (https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/) … Read more